Why to Join Merchant Navy ?

Why Should We Join Merchant Navy ?

There are some of the advantages of joining Merchant Navy:-

  • You will get a very good salary package which will be in Dollars ($), Euros (€) or Ponds (£), etc depends upon the countries and shipping companies. And we all know these currencies are more valuable than our Indian currency (Rupees).
  • Your Salary will be Tax Free as if you will work for more than 6 months out of your country you are treated as NRI (Non-Resident Indian)
  • You will get a very well maintained and Luxurious Life (Accommodation &Food, etc) on ship like a five or seven star hotel or resort.
  • The Most Important and Interesting part is you can roam the Whole World in Free of Cost. (Because your shipping company will pay or Sponsor your whole travelling and its expenses.)
  • You will get early responsibilities with an honor and respects; it means that within very short period you can gain good post (officer rank) with smart personality and respects.
  • You can do many Inspiring and Adventurous
  • You can get (Extensive Exposure) an Open environment for your work with stress free life.
  • You can get (Extended Vacations) huge holidays or vacation so that you can spend more time with your family and friends.
  • And the most important point is Less-Demanding Qualifications (most probably from every stream (Arts, Commerce or Science) of students can join Merchant Navy.