Merchant Ships OR Commercial Vessels

What is a merchant ship?

Merchant vessels are ships that are primarily used either for carrying cargo or passengers. Basically, the ships that are engaged in active commercial transportation fall in this category. The navy ships or pleasure craft that don’t charge passengers are excluded from the category of merchant vessels.

merchant vessel or trading vessel is a boat or ship that transports cargo or carries passengers for hire.


What is a commercial vessel ?

The closely related term commercial vessel is defined by the United States Coast Guard as any vessel (i.e. boat or ship) engaged in commercial trade or that carries passengers for hire. This would exclude pleasure craft that do not carry passengers for hire or warships.

What is Merchant Navy ?

What Is Merchant Navy ?

Merchant Navy is a fleet (group) of Merchant Vessels (boats or ships) that are registered in a specific country. It’s a non- military and semi- govt. sector, and off course it’s not a part of Indian Navy both are totally opposed to each other. Merchant Shipping means trading in Commercial Commodities such as;

  • General Cargo,
  • Industrial Goods,
  • Oil Tankers,
  • Chemical Tankers,
  • Liquid Cargo,
  • Live Stock Carrier,
  • Passenger Ships,
  • Cruise Ships, etc.

So let’s understand the marine industry, its produced and directed by International Maritime Organization (IMO).

As we all know very well India is the country which is surrounded by water from all its three sides, according to the Ministry of Shipping 95% of India’s trading by volume and 70% by value is done through maritime transport. But how many of us know who are behind it or how to join them to strengthen our country’s Economy, so it’s Merchant Navy.

So get ready to become:-

M- Merchant

N- Navy

O- Officer