DME Course (Diploma in Marine Engineering)

DME Course (Diploma in Marine Engineering)

Diploma in Marine Engineering (DME) eligibility, scope, jobs, salary and course details:-

What is DME in Merchant Navy?

DME stands for Diploma in Marine Engineering. Diploma holders, belonging to specific Engineering Branches, may make use of this Diploma course to become Marine Engineers and work on Merchant Navy ships. It is a 2 years long pre-sea training course. This Diploma course focuses on Technical aspects of Marine Engineering.

Some important topics covered in this Diploma course are:-

  • Ship Construction
  • Ship Design
  • Marine Electrical and Electronics Systems
  • Safety Technology
  • Marine Engineering Drawing
  • Automation and Control
  • Hydraulics
  • Marine Machinery
  • Naval Architecture
  • Communication Skills

After successfully completing this Diploma course and clearing MEO Class-4 Part A Examination, students will have to go through 6 months of compulsory sea service. After this stint and clearing safety courses, other training modules and tests, clearing MEO Class-4 Part B Examination, a cadet will be provided with Marine Engineering Officer Class 4 Certificate of Competency. After obtaining this certificate, one may start working as a Marine Engineer on Merchant Navy ships in any part of the World. 12 months of sea service later, one may again appear for training modules and appear for MEO Class 2- Part B Examination. These exams will help one attain advanced competency certificates, like- Marine Engineering Class 2 Certificate of Competency and Marine Engineer Class 1 Certificate of Competency. Later, you may rise through the ranks and eventually become Chief Engineering Officer.



  • Students possessing Diploma in branches like- Mechanical/Electrical/Naval Architecture/Marine/EEE etc are eligible to pursue this course, with around50-60% marks in final year of Diploma program.
  • Medical Test: – Candidate must be mentally and physically fit. You must have your eyesight 6/12, but don’t worry if you are wearing glasses (spectacles) because glasses up to plus or minus 2.5 may be allowed but you must not have color blindness.
  • Age Limit: – Your age should be not more than 28.



You can take up the role of Marine Engineer on Merchant Navy ships after obtaining the Class 4 Certificate of Competency (Marine Engineer). Once there, you may rise through the ranks and land better positions, by appearing for training modules and courses and clearing examinations associated with them.

Starting salary depends on different factors such as- profile of Employer, quality of the Institute from which the course has been pursued, grades attained by cadet etc. Generally, it is between 40-60k Rupees each month.

After retiring, you may take up the role of an Instructor at Maritime Institutes. Becoming an Independent Consultant is another option that is available.